“Behold the Daughter of Isis!”   Leave a comment

Behold the Daughter of Isis 1

Behold the Daughter of Isis 2


The details:
(Some items may no longer be available)

  • Skin: Wunderlichs Metal Skin (Gold)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes, topaz
  • Nails: Mandala HUD nails (super long)
  • Costume: Sakinah Khepresh costume
  • Accessories: Isis AV Heqa crook (part of an ancient avatar pack for L$3,000, not recommended); Ravens Wear Affinity Egypt ROYAL BLUE BLACK Crown shine 1
  • Makeup: Tattanooga *FACE TATTOO** EGYPTIAN 006; Natural Beauty Makeup 2; *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (silver, lashed); Glamorize French Kiss Lipstick (Love Is Blue)

I can’t tell you where this was taken; it’s a secret location that you must find.  I’ll get you close:  teleport to Terra Egypta region, then begin searching from there within the group of sims that make up this themed area.

Terra Egypta


Posted November 29, 2013 by Harper Ganesvoort in Fashion

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