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Z is for Zibska 1

There was only one real choice for Z, wasn’t there?  Zibska is one of the avant-garde leaders on the Grid right now, with dresses, hair and makeups that stretch the bounds — sometimes to the breaking point.  Take this sea-urchin-like confection, called Natralia, and the matching hair (Octavia).  Anybody who gets too close to me here will definitely get the point!

Z is for Zibska 2

Accessorizing this was tricky, as I chose to wear the collar along with the dress.  I settled for a pair of gloves from Miamai, and rings and earrings from EarthStones.

Z is for Zibska 3

The eye makeup is from Zibska as well, to finish the theme here.


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Faith (SK NE LEB)
  • Eyes:  Poetic Colors gold flakes (sapphire)
  • Hair:  Zibska Octavia (white, tinted in editor)
  • Makeup:  Glamorize Dirty Babe Lips (Purple Panic); Zibska Didiane (Purple); BOOM Liquid Glaze (lashed) Purple
  • Outfit:  Zibska Natralia (Berries)
  • Shoes:  Blackburns Gaga No-heel Punks (purple)
  • Accessories:  Miamai Rilla gloves (satin blue; mesh); EarthStones Karuka earrings and rings (Gold/Lapis)

Photographed in Star Journey region

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3 responses to “Z is for — Zibska

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  1. OMG You did it! So awsome Harper!!! Geez, I’m still trying to get “U is for, Uh, something” done! :P

    Thanks so much for sharing all your creativity with us Harper!!


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