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I figured it was time to get the layout of my starbase somewhat formalized, so I spent some time learning a few tricks with GIMP, and I came up with this “subway map”-style illustration of the layout:

station map -- 08-15-2014 upload

If some of the terms are weird to you, such as “Grand Council” or “Ard Taòisha,” fear not; you need to be reading my stories (which I still hope to publish one day) to know everything going on here.  If I ever get those stories up, you’ll have a chance to learn them for yourself.

I felt it was logical to divide the station into its proper functions, and assigned a color code to each area.  (Gee, I wonder where I got some of the colors from…?)1  Not everything I want is in the station yet, and so this map will certainly change as time goes on, and as I discover and fix mistakes.  (I’ve already added in something since I made this, and discovered one spelling error [sigh], so I already need to go back and fix things.)


1 And yes, I know you’re probably used to the colors being assigned differently.  Remember, in the Star Trek I grew up with, “Command wore gold, Engineering wore red–”  “And the women wore less.”  (Deep Space Nine, “Trials and Tribbleations.”)

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Tales from INSILICO — The Ruler of Her Realm (Updated)   Leave a comment

“Ambition is pitiless. Any merit that it cannot use it finds despicable.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

INSILICO Central, the core of the space-platform habitat built by that massive trans-stellar cartel, was a place that hummed with business any time of the station day. And that was the way Laurel America Auttenberg liked it. After all, what was the use of spending several trillion credits in building a tin can like this out in the middle of the big black — but strategically at the contact point between five of the strongest stellar economies in the sector — unless you were going to be doing a lot of business.

And making sure all of that business got done, with as few hiccups governmental or otherwise as possible, as possible had become her personal job some eleven years ago.

Ruler of Her Realm 1

Want to learn more about Laurel? Turn the page; but know that she isn’t the most savory of persons….

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The Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the Sea   Leave a comment

Prism Carolina 1

…The advantages go on and on
In the middle of the sea.
As the centuries have come, they’ve gone
In the middle of the sea.
Days arise to be replaced,
Lines are drawn and lines erased.
Life and death are but verses in a poem.
Out there blood flows …
Who knows?…

The lyrics, from Stephen Sondheim’s Pacific Overtures, tell of how Japan was in the years before Commodore Matthew Perry broke the ban against foreigners and trade with other countries in 1853. His “four black dragons” — American steam-powered warships — arrived in a land very much like the world you find in Taka no Sakura, a build of a classic Japanese village from the feudal period. Other things seem to float at times — like a beautiful strapless dress. Prism offers us the new Carolina dress, a lovely strapless cocktail gown in three different colors, with rich patterning on the overskirt and bustier, and a jewel-buckle belt.

Prism Carolina 2

…Here we paint screens,
Plant the rice,
Arrange the flowers,
View the moon,
Exchange the gifts,
Plant the rice,
Arrange tomorrow like today to float,…

Simplicity seems to be called for here, and so I choose one of the simpler sets of jewelry from Lazuri — still chunky and substantial, but much less heavy than other of her collections.  It is HUD driven, like most of her pieces; each one can be controlled individually, or you can click on the necklace to change the metal and major gems on all pieces simultaneously.

Prism Carolina 3

…Slide the screens,
Exchange the poems,
Stir the tea,
Exchange the bows,
Plant the rice,
Arrange tomorrow to be like today,
To float….

The hair is from sYs, and is a lovely progressive style, while the makeup and nail polish goes along with the blue dress and gold jewelry.


The Details:

  • Skin: PXL Faith (no longer available)
  • Hands: SLink (various poses, mesh)
  • Feet: SLink High (mesh)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (brightblue)
  • Hair: [sYs] YIU (Red)
  • Nails: ZOZ Gold Dip Polish (SLink hands and feet)
  • Dress: Prism Carolina (Cobalt, mesh)
  • Shoes: Baby Monkey Mambo (mesh, SLink high feet)
  • Makeup: Glamorize Dirty Babe lipstick (Twilight); CCD MesmerEyez (BlueAmyth); Miamai XGen Makeup Vintage Liner B Black – No Hair; *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed, Yellow); Miamai Catwalk Lashes (Glitter 01)
  • Jewelry: Necklace and earrings from Lazuri Fall Romance suite

Teleport to Midnight Dream region

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Torii Sunset, Taka no Sakura   Leave a comment

Torii Sunset, Taka no Sakura

Teleport to Taka no Sakura.

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Doing a Favor for a Friend   Leave a comment

Does anyone need a good-sized store?  Not my store, Harper’s Fine Art and Photographs, but my neighbor’s store.  Attend….

My store’s landlord, Tegg Bode of Austech Rentals, has a large anchor store (8,892 m2) that he needs to get rented out soon.  The previous tenant appears to have decamped, and this store was Tegg’s main source of rental revenue in his shopping center (Desire region on the Mainland).  He hasn’t thrown out the old tenant’s stuff yet, but the rent box is open for the taking, and I’d like to see Tegg’s space filled; not just because that will keep my current store in place, but because Tegg has always helped me, rebuilt my older stores in the same mall, and is an all-around good egg (even if he goes around as a steel kangaroo).  If anyone’s interested, the rent box says it’s 2 weeks/L$15,000, with 3918 prims.

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The Ultimate Move?   Leave a comment

I’m back from a few days of rest, traveling with the husband and son to DH’s medical convention in Destin, Florida.  That break delayed me in getting things done and taking pictures that I’d planned to share with you, and so I have An Important Announcement.

I’m now renting an entire Homestead.

I still wonder (and shudder) at times over this move; the rent is double what I was paying for the half-sim I was on, and 10 times what I paid for an apartment when I first started out.  I never thought I’d be owning this much land and airspace.  But I saw an entire island up for grabs just two or three grid segments over from where I was living, and the chance to almost double my prim allowance and do things I’ve never been able to do before was too great to resist.  The landlord was the same — Marina Xi of GlenXi Estates — and she worked through my occasional straining of her patience to mostly finish the landscaping in terms of terraforming and some planting. There’s more planting needed, I think, and I’m gradually working on that, so look for future home/garden updates, especially with this year’s Expo coming in a few months.

Incidentally, if you’re looking for a place to live, check out what they have available at their blog, or travel to their office in world.  They have not only the half-sim I was living on — not released yet, but soon — but many other excellent properties, at what I think are very reasonable prices.  I haven’t had much dealings with Philip Glenbrook, but Marina, his business partner, is great to work with.

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It’s Just Genealogy   Leave a comment

“I trace my family history so I’ll know who to blame….”

Just Genealogy 1

In going with the theme of this article, I’m shooting these photos at the lot owned by the Second Life group, Just Genealogy, which assists members with suggestions and training on how to obtain needed information for their family history research.  This brand-new “romper” from Styles by Danielle is perfect for a hot summer day in Second Life. It comes in a selection of colors; I’m wearing the Prussian blue, fitting for someone of German descent (grin).

My husband comes from a long line of Southern professionals — accountants, engineers, physicians, even a very prominent pharmacist in a regional city.  As for me, it looks as if I come from a long line of — immigrant German farmers.  I believe they came in via Pennsylvania, and worked their way across that very large state — I used to live there — into Ohio, and from there up into Michigan.  (There’s no evidence yet that any of them fought on either side in the Toledo War; if so, I hope they fought on the Michigan side [grin].)

How do I know these things?  Through genealogy, the study of family history stretching back through the generations.  Almost everyone wonders at one point or another, “Where do I really come from?  Who was before me, and what kind of people were they like?”  Genealogy is the study that aids you in filling in the information, through rigorous science and technique.

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Checking Out Old Goodies — Mimikri Helena   Leave a comment

How Do I Keep My Hair In Place Driving This Thing b 1

“Hmmm…?  Oh; hello, dear.  How can I help you tonight?…”

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July 4, 2014   Leave a comment

July 4th

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Pull Yourself Together!   2 comments

Pull Yourself Together_001

Ah, the joys of trying to rezz in a busy event region…. (This was at Rhapsody yesterday.)

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