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Reflecting on My 7th Anniversary   Leave a comment

Reflecting on My 7th Anniversary

Seven years of this blog — that’s three years longer than when I was writing about politics.  Almost nobody wanted to listen to what I had to say on that old blog, which has long since been deleted; here in Second Life, I’ve been able to do things more creative, develop friends, and just plain have fun — and I’m pretty sure that others are paying attention to me, based on my stats.

Not that I have it perfect.  I was talking about this anniversary with Harper Beresford of A Passion for Virtual Fashion while I was shooting this picture, and I had to wince and laugh at some of the stuff I’ve inflicted on you in these electronic pages over seven years.  Underexposed photos; overblown styles; a few journalistic gaffes as well — I claim no perfection here.  It’s a constant striving toward that impossible goal, never reaching it, but always trying to hit it, and resolving to do better if at all possible.

As always, thanks for indulging me enough to visit and give me the encouragement (and ego-boo) to keep on with that striving.  Let’s see where the next year takes me!


Just before I published this article, I remembered this song done by Janis Ian a few years ago.  It’s been a few years for all of us since the young girl who wrote and performed “Society’s Child” in the Sixties and “At Seventeen” in the Seventies.  Janis has seen a lot of heartbreak and joy, the loss and then refinding of her most prized possession, and coming out of the closet to the world.  So she figured it was time to share her memories….

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To a Friend Estranged from Me   Leave a comment

Topazia 1

Now goes under, and I watch it go under, the sun
That will not rise again.
Today has seen the setting, in your eyes cold and senseless as the sea,
Of friendship better than bread, and of bright charity
That lifts a man a little above the beasts that run.

Turn the page for more….

Veterans / Remembrance Day 2014   Leave a comment


On this 11th of November, let’s leave my usual talks about American veterans, and visit another country for a while — and reflect on recent history.

Canada, until this past month, has been largely ignored by terrorists.  Now, as a CBC writer has suggested, some of that innocence has been lost.  “Radical” Islamists have learned how to use the tools of the modern information age to gain adherents, and these converts are found around the world.  On October 20, a driver deliberately ran his car into two members of the Canadian Army, one of whom, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent (left) from the province of Québec, later died of his injuries.  WO Vincent was planning on retiring in the near future, having served his country for nearly 30 years.

Two days later, another man, with his face wrapped in a keffiyeh to hide it, carried a loaded hunting rifle up to Canada’s National War Memorial, and there shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo (center), standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier twice before being chased off and pursued by another member of the Ceremonial Guard.  Cirillo, a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, was standing his honor post as normal, with an unloaded rifle.  Bystanders attempted to revive the corporal and administer first aid, but he died en route to the hospital.

The gunman was not over.  He managed to elude pursuit all the way up Parliament Hill and made his way into Centre Block, the location of the House of Commons and the Senate.  Neither chamber was in session, but party leaders, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, were meeting with members in caucuses in several rooms nearby.  Shots were fired, including one that wounded a security guard who tried to wrestle the rifle away from the gunman as he entered.  The shooter eventually holed up in an alcove…near the office of the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Commons.  The Sergeant-at-Arms isn’t just a ceremonial post; he is also responsible for security in the building, and Kevin Vickers (right, carrying the Mace of the House of Commons at the next House session following the shooting), emerged from his office with a loaded automatic.  Vickers, a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer with nearly 30 years of experience, did a dive-and-roll from behind a column and wounded the man, who was killed moments later by others in the security team.  A few days later, when Commons resumed, Vickers was given a standing ovation as he led the Speaker’s Parade into the chamber in the normal course of his duties, carrying the Mace of the House of Commons.

It’s people like this that Veterans Day is for, to honor all the living who have placed themselves in harm’s way for the safety and security of our countries, and to remember those who, placing themselves in harm’s way, have paid the last full measure of duty.  I hope you’ll join me in saluting all military today on this day of remembrance.

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What comes between me and my Lazuri?   Leave a comment

Lazuri 1

…Nothing at all.

Especially this latest set, Perles de Gloire, sold for Zuri Lyric by PurpleMoon, which is perfect for a strapless ball gown or other high-octane fashion event.  The star of the full suite is this two-piece back-duster necklace, which will probably require a little adjustment to get to lay properly.  Zuri and Poulet, however, include a graphic showing how to do it in three easy steps, so it shouldn’t be any trouble at all.  (As usual, there is a master script for changing the colors of all pieces built into the necklace, or you can adjust individual pieces after changing the necklace around.  All elements from the jewels to the pearls can be altered.)

Lazuri 2

There are bracelets for both arms — two-piece sets again, so you can make the strands as thick or thin as you like, or leave off the big central bauble and wear the two-strand piece alone.

Lazuri 3

…along with earrings, and two rings, one for each hand.  I hope you enjoy them….

…but do remember to put something on besides your Lazuri before going out on the town for the night.  (You can always take it off later….)

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Hallowe’en 2014 — Witchy Woman   Leave a comment

Witchy Woman 1

Raven hair* and ruby lips
Sparks fly from her finger tips
Echoed voices in the night
She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight

Woo hoo, witchy woman
See how high she flies
Woo hoo, witchy woman
She got the moon in her eyes

3 more photos and the rest of the song if you read on….

Around the Grid on Hiatus….   3 comments

I’ll be taking a brief break for maybe a week or so, unless I can squeeze in a late-night photo session or two, due to RL commitments at my church.  I’m doing some audio and video editing for the church’s 20th anniversary celebration, and that will be…intense…so I need to focus on it as much as possible.  Thanks for your understanding, and check back periodically if you don’t subscribe to the blog (the best way to get me when I do something like this).

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“Come In!!!”

Around the Campfire

Nothing like sitting around a campfire as the days begin to get cooler, trending down into fall.  And what’s a fall campfire without ghost stories, or tales of derring-do and adventure?

If you’re interested, I’ll let you experience that on my dime, so to speak.  I keep several channels available to me for streaming on my homestead, via a sim radio.  One of them is MPIR Old-Time Radio, a streaming service focused on classic radio, offered by Clyde Kell for contributions (hey, someone’s gotta pay for his bandwidth).  Clyde actually offers several channels, but this one focuses on mystery, adventure, suspense and horror.  You’ll hear everything from The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen (playing right now as I’m sitting here), to The Shadow, to Suspense (with various players doing the Man in Black) to episodes of Inner Sanctum Mysteries and its classic revival show from the Seventies, the CBS Radio Mystery Theater.  He even plays lesser-known pieces like The Clock and the CBC’s Theatre 10:30.  And if you want real creeps, enough to make you start chewing your fingernails like a typewriter, there’s Lights Out, renowned for the intensity of its plays and the realism of its sound effects.  (Ever wondered what it sounds like to walk across a cavern floor covered with nice, fat, juicy spiders, hmmm…?  Makes you want to reach for a bottle of Ironized Yeast — or maybe Sal Hepatica, for the Smile of Health.)

But how can you do it without a link to Clyde’s site, or his app on your phone?  Simple; drop by my homestead.  Through at least Hallowe’en, I’m opening the doors to my land to visitors.  The SLurl will drop you by my campfire and gazebo, and then all you need to do is turn on your sound and sit down, and maybe discuss it with anyone else that’s there.  All I ask is that you clean up behind yourself when you leave, throw your trash into the campfire.  I can’t say when any particular show will be on, and there may be occasional repeats, but over the course of things it works.

If you like it, drop me a line; I’ll be glad to know about it!

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