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LEA29 Art Exhibit — Disturbing and Thoughtful   Leave a comment

Cammino e Vivo Capovolto, LEA29_010

The current exhibition in LEA region 29, entitled Cammino e Vivo Capovolto, is not easy to fathom, as most abstract forms of art are.  What occurs to me, on seeing the various dissolving human bodies, is the fragmentation of attention and culture under the assault of everything vying for our time in these years — including computer cultures such as social media and Second Life itself.  Many critics accuse the computer’s seductive appeal as breaking down the bonds and bounds of human society and interaction.  Or could it be that things are breaking down merely to reshape themselves into a new form that may be more powerful, tighter than before?  Time will have to tell, and we will have to stay on guard to ensure that it doesn’t go the other way.

Draw your own conclusions on this; you can examine the photos I took, including the above, at my Flickr stream under the album Cammino e Vivo Capovolto.  Or, even better, teleport to the region while the exhibition is still in place, and turn on the music, and see what the builds say to you.  This is usually the best way to appreciate modern art — to see what comes out of the deeps of your heart and mind and soul when you look at the images.

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AZUL Camille — The Dream-Ship   Leave a comment


I had hoped to get this written and published before the close of Join Hands for Nepal, but time and events conspired to make it nearly otherwise. Still, if you can get to the event before it closes, please do so. This dress I wear, and the pearls from Lazuri, are both special editions made for the event.

When the world is fast asleep,
Along the midnight skies–
As though it were a wandering cloud–
The ghostly dream-ship flies.

An angel stands at the dream-ship’s helm,
An angel stands at the prow,
And an angel stands at the dream-ship’s side
With a rue-wreath on her brow.

The other angels, silver-crowned,
Pilot and helmsman are,
And the angel with the wreath of rue
Tosseth the dreams afar.

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Ridin’ with the King   Leave a comment

The King

The King has gone home.  Riley B. King, better known to his millions of devotees as B. B. King, died today at age 89.  B. B. was respected by both contemporaries and by the many younger musicians in jazz, blues and rock that he inspired with his guitar playing and Delta blues. A multiple Grammy winner, he was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and was a recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors in 1995.

Eric Clapton considered him a teacher, and recorded an album with him that I loved.  I’ve never collected blues music, but this one, and its title song, has stayed with me for years, including the spoken recitation near the end:

I stepped out of Mississippi when I was ten years old
With a suit cut sharp as a razor and a heart made of gold
I had a guitar hanging just about waist high
And I’m gonna play this thing until the day I die

Rest well, Your Majesty.  We’ll take care of Lucille for you.

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Fantasy Faire 2015 raised L$7, 910, 480   Leave a comment

Harper Ganesvoort:

Fantasy Faire is one of my favorite events, and I was glad to be able to do photos from there this year, as well as shop and support Relay for Life. Everyone who helped in this excellent total, well done!

Originally posted on Daniel Voyager's Blog:

The Fantasy Faire 2015 ended earlier this month in Second Life and this year it raised L$ 7, 910, 480 (US $31, 642) for Relay-For-Life. For more RFL of SL events visit the Totals Page.

This year was a huge success and everyone should be very proud on the totals so far this year.

Well done everyone! :)

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Happy Mother’s Day   Leave a comment

Dreaming of My Mother

I’m taking a quick moment to think about my mother and all she did for me back in the day.  I miss you and love you, Mom….

EarthStones Family Tree of Life Pendant

If you would like to commemorate your own Real Life family, stop by EarthStones and pick up the Family Tree of Life necklace.  You can purchase it with up to seven scripted birthstones; this one has four, for me, my husband and our two children.  One of Abraxxa’s nicest pieces!

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Fantasy Faire 2015 Photos   Leave a comment

Where has your interrupted, ah, intrepid demon reporter been this past week or more?  Walking — walking around all 13 bleedin’ sims of Fantasy Faire 2015.  One of the top SL Relay for Life events, this year’s Fantasy Faire was bigger, more colorful and more fun than ever, running the gamut of the Four Elements and showing off the creativity of Second Life builders and designers more than ever.  I know this because I covered almost every blessed meter of it on foot, in heelsOh, my achin’ dogs!!!

(A pack of passing puppies looks up and barks in curiosity.)

Okay, okay, I did my share of flying…and swimming, too.  I was even frozen in a block of ice for a time, until someone let it go.  (Let it go, let it go!!!!! [THWAP!!!])

Uh….  My lawyers advise me that, before I get myself into trouble with certain people with large black ears and a tail, I’d better just change topic.  So, I took a scad of photos, all of which can be found at my Flickr stream in a special album, as well as in their Fantasy Faire group.  (The last few will be going into the group tomorrow because of submission restrictions.)  To tempt you into checking out the collection, here’s about five or six of them, after the fold.  Most of the photos, by the way, are at 1920×1080, which makes them excellent wallpaper size for modern monitors.  Feel free to use for non-commercial purposes, just keep my signature on it.

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“Starring…Loretta Young!”   Leave a comment

Loretta Young 1

Strawberry Singh’s latest Monday Meme came along at a perfect time; I was working on this concept anyway after finding a photo on Pinterest I’d loved, and so why not take advantage of it?  I never saw The Loretta Young Show when I was a child, but the reputation of it and its star has come down through the sixty years since it premiered on NBC.

Find out more about this show on the next page.


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