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Having been a Resident of Second Life for over a month now, I pretty much have my basic sea legs under me. So I feel qualified enough to start talking about life on the Grid, and tell you about some of the places I find interesting, beautiful or a pain.

Why another “Oh, see what my Second Life is like” blog? Well, everyone’s experience is individual and personal, of course. What one person finds interesting, another may decide it’s a royal pain in the virtual six o’clock, and vice versa. Add to that, though, that there’s a lot of Metaverse to cover, and no single avatar can get everywhere. If you’re a Resident, just call up the Map in your client, and then slide the zoom tab all the way to the left. That will give you an approximate idea of just how much virtual territory there is to cover. And remember that new places open up every month, if not every day. Add to that the revamping of old places. (For instance, an opera house in a particular region recently held its Last Night party, feteing the participants with elegant dancing one final time before the owners tore this painstakingly-built structure down to so many scattered prims. They wanted to build something new, and were tired of the old place.)

So a fresh viewpoint should always be welcome, as well as a fresh pair of eyes to cover more ground. For instance, there’s a lovely garden modeled on Celtic, Wiccan and Faerie themes right near my current loft apartment in Dunyvaig region. How many people know about it, how many have seen it? I don’t think it’s intensely visited. I plan to make this an early destination for my articles. Other things are very popular, of course, such as the jazz club that I’m a member of and go to for relaxation after work and taking care of the RL kids. They deserve another favorable review, I think; and so….

Don’t expect deep revelations about my real life here, incidentally. I will tell you that I’m happily married, with the above-mentioned children, and I work in a bookstore. Other than that, I prefer to keep my personal First Life personal. In Second Life, as well, you can never count on just what I look like. I may be a “white man,” a “black woman,” or something else completely — not necessarily even humanoid. That’s the beauty of SL, of course; you can be what you want to be. The choices are completely up to you. As another Resident has stated in an interview, I plan to explore some of those choices; I hope you’ll come along for the ride with me. Believe me, I’ll try not to make it too bumpy (grin).

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