2,000 Visits!

Let’s see; I checked my counters a bit ago, and I had 2,010 hits. Not bad for a blog that started with no fanfare just at the end of last November! That works out, over about 76 days to a few over 20 visits a day. Excuse me while I enjoy this for a little….

(A bright light comes into being overhead [it’s a sphere prim with full bright and 10-meter light], and Harper basks in the light of golden plywood for a few minutes.)

Okay, that’s long enough; back to work….


More seriously, I want to thank everyone who’s stopped in and sat a spell to a venture that started off with so little fanfare. I hope I’ve earned your trust, and I hope I’ll be able to maintain that trust in the future.

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Posted February 4, 2008 by Harper Ganesvoort in Blogs and blogging, Meta, Personal

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