Artists Aren’t Thick on the Ground

I give greetings to Salome, a brand-new blogger, who writes about an aspect of Second Life that some of us are apparently not considering when we talk.  In quick summary, she notes that many people complain in various outlets for venting, moaning about “Where’s all the creativity that this world allows us?  Why aren’t we surrounded by Da Vincis??”  She takes them to task for this position, making several good points.  Be sure to read it in full!

As you can probably tell, I agree with Salome here.  The proof of her contention — to me — lies within me and my own abilities.  For years, I’ve wished that I could draw and paint, or sculpt, or do similar activities in the non-plastic arts; but my skills have been (ahem) limited.  I tried my hand at photography for a time in the Eighties, but the cost of film and development stood in my way at the time.  I discovered my skill with the pen (so to speak) back in college, though, and for years it’s satisfied me.
My meaning — and potentially our new blogger’s, so to speak?  Everyone probably has some talent within them, at whatever they do.  But not everyone is a visual artist!  If they were, painting and sculpture and architecture would be boring, for they would be commonplace.  We all have the potential to do wonderful things in Second Life as well, using their building tools and some outside help from cameras and graphics programs.  But not all of us have the skill, or perhaps the drive in some cases.  So we amuse ourselves with “side issues,” as Salome says….
I, for one, think this is a good thing.  It allows the true artists among us the ability to shine like diamonds.  Yes, I hate walking down the roads of most Mainland regions; I’m surrounded by spinning For Sale signs up in the air and Salons of Salaciousness in some places.  How nice to find places like a little church just across the border from my old loft in Dunyvaig, a small jewel box of stained glass with an attached garden; or an undersea club I haven’t written about yet, just a few regions away.  The people who built and textured those were good, and they deserve our praise.
Thanks, Salome!  And, hey; remember to fill out your “About” page, so we can learn more about your SL!!
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Posted February 4, 2008 by Harper Ganesvoort in Arts, Building and texturing, Fashion, Personal, Photographs

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