Full-Sim Movin’ Day Blues — with a Happy Outcome

So, as I was saying, I’ve moved again. And thereby hangs a tale….

I started out in my early days in a crackerjack little skybox that had malfunctioning doors on the upper level; after the first few days in residence, I never could get out to my own patio. Next came the famous apartment in Dunyvaig region, with a wonderful glass wall and roof. But the sleeping loft had a very low ceiling, forcing me to twitch my camera whenever I teleported upstairs. I finally got fed up with that, and ran off to a pair of friends.

Those friends were Gymmy and Nanceee Sinatra, the owners of Frank’s Place in Oasis Resort (Around the Grid, Web site). They had recently built a set of spacious apartments on the unused portion of their island; after a good examination of the place, I snagged a loft. This had two large circular rooms, with balconies on three sides. An elevator serviced all five floors of the block. I stayed there for a month and a half — and then the Sinatras asked if I could move to the block at the far end of the island. Due to the growing popularity of Frank’s, they were trying to improve lag time on the sim by clearing ground.

I’m uncertain if my moving helped out the club, but the increase in average population in the region didn’t help me much. When the lag became so bad that I couldn’t teleport any farther than the next island — and frequently crashed the client in the process — I knew it was time to split. Nanceee and Gymmy are good friends, and it was a wrench to tell them I was moving; but I wanted to improve the situation. Two days of hunting produced the place that I now call my SL home.

The new house — exteriorI gave consideration to several places recommended by Hanalyn Ferrer near her shop in Wando River. (One was a rather enchanting two-room stone house with a fireplace and a garden; if anyone’s curious, drop me an IM in world, and I’ll guide you there.) Extended poking around for more options, coupled with a bargain mindset, led me to my latest — hopefully my last — residence. This, I would say, is a bargain indeed. A three-story house, all mine, large rooms, bright and airy, two decks!, sound and television (the latter I don’t plan to use much); plus oceanside; plus skybox rec center; plus an even higher-up rec room and pool — and £900/week for 400 prims (1). The region is a Mainland piece, but the horizon wasn’t blotted by adfarms even before the new ruling from Governor Linden. Somehow I lucked out big time, in my opinion!

The Hearth Formal living room

Needless to say, with so much space and so many prims, I’ve been investing in more furniture. I’ve come up with a plan for using my Craftsman collection on the ground floor as a formal living area. The exception to this is the hearth area immediately in from the front door, which has a pair of carved thrones as fireplace seats.

2nd floor solarium Yard set on lower deck

The second floor received my overstuffed wine-and-gold set in the “solarium.” This is inside the door to the lower deck. The deck itself got a yard set from Bliss Gardens, wicker covered with blue cushions.

Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Upper deck

The top floor contains the bedroom, of course. There’s no rail between the floor and the stairwell, so I’ve placed a Moorish folding screen to keep visitors from plunging off. As for furnishings, they’re very simple: a pair of club chairs for lounging and my bed. I’m gradually buying or making/uploading pictures, so the walls won’t be quite as stark before long. Outside, on the upper deck, I have my big Contessa reading chair, and I’m considering some more tall potted plants from Bliss along the rails, just enough for a little privacy without killing the view around the area.

That leave two big chunks of space, one on the ground floor, one on the second. The second I’m planning on turning into an office/study. I could make the ground floor a dining room, but dining is a relative thing in Second Life (grin); so I’ll be on the prowl for a piano, and make that an art and music room. There were several fine pianos available in Intemptesta Nox, and I’ll probably start my shopping there.

And I’m hung if I have to go through this again; I couldn’t find a better bargain for days, maybe weeks!


(1) Actually, 400 prims was what the listing at the realty agent said. But when I clicked the rental box today to check on my rent time, it said I had 500 prims! This is one gift horse whose mouth I’m not going to stare into too hard.

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