Still Decorating!

You may recall how I was notified a week or two ago that I’d exceeded my prim limit — on a 500-prim house! I solved the problem by gutting out the office I’d just bought and decorated a week before that, plus a pair of chairs in my bedroom.

Today, after talking with a friend, I started wondering just how much I could save yet on my load, and so I set to find out. My landlord’s prim counter still isn’t working for me (and I’d love for someone to tell me the reason why!), so I went through the long, but also sure, process of a hand prim count. And I found out some interesting things. That set of Craftsman living-room furniture I enjoyed so much in the “formal” room downstairs was high on cost, as I’d expected — 76 prims for just the two chairs and settle alone, if I remember my figures; add in a 12-prim stool and two tables, and there were about 100 prims in just that area. And a pot of big sunflowers on my upper deck had 36 prims! I sure hadn’t got that thing from Bliss Gardens….

Clearly, some work was required. I’ll have to save my dreams of an Arts and Crafts home for the far-away time when I buy some land — assuming I ever do that, since I’m quite comfortable now where I am. So I packed up that lovely Craftsman set into a storage prim and shoved it into Inventory, and set out for TMS Designs, who had done that wine/gold overstuffed set in my solarium. And I found the below:

Rattan living room set

This is a rattan set that is just as “comfortable,” has more poses, cost less — and took up only 57 prims. I’d say this is a gain…. I got back some 20 or so prims out of this; and, with a little more work at this and that, even with buying some new plants (from Bliss’ potted-plant store!), and adding in the previous gain I had, I now stand 128 prims to the good.

I may still be able to decorate those two rooms, if I’m careful….

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