Zero Point, Kelham

I was shopping the other day for a facelight system that would stand up to the new client’s WindLight requirements, and was sent to the FaceFX store in Kelham region by good friend Ele Newell. (It works, by the way! Highly recommended.) After finishing up with my business there, I did my usual of checking out the neighborhood, and again a massive splash of color attracted my attention.

Zero Point, created by Sabine Stonebender, beggars any verbal description I can offer here. It’s a monumental art build, not too many meters away from the store, based in a pseudo-Greek colonnade. It seems to be made out of collimated energy, shaped into whorls and pyramids and streamers of flowing colors. The whole thing is constantly in motion, and has lots of surprises in store for a thorough explorer. Even the pictures I’m placing following the break don’t do this mobile build justice, for it’s constantly in motion like an electrified tornado.

Make sure that you left-click on the teleporter pads to bring up the menu of where you can go; there’s quite a variety. There are also two wild elevator shafts (not easy to see at times, so make sure you’re wearing a jetpack or parachute!), where you sit in the chair staring up, then ride up the tunnel that way. A few tunnels are placed in the Vomit Comet that you can walk down; they dilate closed toward the end in a display of moires and electricity. And, for some truly intense Evil Pleasure, check the demonic throne down one passage somewhere in the build, complete with lightning and thunder and a nexus of Dark Energy!


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