5,000 Hits!

A little while ago, this blog passed the 5,000 hit mark.  I am seriously amazed and delighted; I’ve written blogs before, but not nearly as popular as this one has been.  That’s 5,000 visits in just a little under five months of operation, which works out to a little under 34 visits a day.  I must be doing something right!  Or, more likely, the topicality of some of my posts, especially recently, have kept people coming in, and even returning.  (With wordpress.com, I must rely on their internal counters, and can’t see what my return-visit rate is.)  What I can see are the RSS statistics as well, on individual posts, which drives the readership even higher.  Some of these articles have been monsters, with lots of syndication reading.  Others, seemingly inconsequential ones, are at the top of my all-time list; “Meet Me at Frank’s Place,” just my second article, is the most read, with 202 primary hits at last count.

For those of you who are returning regularly, I thank you for your enjoyment and faithful visits.  I shall try to keep up the quality that’s had you coming back to check on my new material, and hopefully improve as well.  (Thus getting ever more readers, of course [grin].)

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Posted April 15, 2008 by Harper Ganesvoort in Meta

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