New Linden Communications Manager Introduces Herself

Katt Linden has introduced herself to Residents at the Big Blog. Katt is the new Communications Manager for Linden Lab, and the comment section to her article is filling rapidly with “friendly greetings” (thank you, Torley!) and wishes for success, as well as hopes for improved communications between the Lab and its customers.

As I said in my own comment, I don’t envy Katt her new position at all. Reading many blogs and comments convinces me that Residents can be a cantankerous, demanding crew even at the best of times. And, any road, being the PR mouthpiece of any organization is a thankless task when the times go rough. But I hope that Katt will have success in her new position, as well as help mend the fences that have been rather strained over the many issues this past year has raised.

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Posted April 21, 2008 by Harper Ganesvoort in News, People, Real Life

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