Planet Mongo

I’ve actually poked my head out from the store recently to have some true recreation time, instead of churning out art prints. I even braved the crowds at Frank’s Place (article), and had a very pleasant time, as well as delivering a gift to Nanceee Sinatra.

Ballroom dancing at Frank's with an acquaintance

I wish I could remember the name of the avatar I was dancing with, but I lost my chat log transcript (sigh). If you’re reading this, nice man, let the girl know who you were! But most of my time lately has been spent at a build taking shape in a very interesting region called Planet Mongo.

Yes, friends, those of you who are into the True Lore of science fiction (or are older than the dirt) know that this was the land of Ming the Merciless, self-styled Master of the Universe and arch foe of Flash Gordon! Well, after a series of wars to throw off his yoke, I am told, the patriots succeeded — but at the price of a shattered, devastated planet, a fragment of which broke dimensional barriers and landed on the Grid.

(Thumbs link to large photos, 1024×682)

But some survived, as ever; and they vowed to rebuild the world, under more enlightened rule. They eventually succeeded, and the results hover some 500 meters above the blasted surface.

You simply must dress for the job, of course. The well-dressed space explorer guards against both vacuum and radiation these days — which means gold.

Suit: Seinen Full Warrior’s Bodysuit (gold)
Hair: Junwave Pineapple Golden
Skin: Comet Corp female gold skin
Shoes: enkythings Pinson gold boots

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