Wherefore Art Thou, Eric?

Reuters, that is.  And while we’re about it, wherefore art Adam Reuters, as well?

Reuters’ Second Life coverage is one of the main sources of Grid news for the Grid — and for the Real World as well, which otherwise doesn’t have incredible gobs of contact with what goes on in the virtual world.  Reuters believed enough in Second Life, and saw enough RW/VW intersection going on (especially, I believe, with the big companies coming in during the First Great Business Wave) that they built the Reuters Auditorium (one of the prettiest buildings in world), and assigned two correspondents to cover Grid activities.  They even bought a surname for them — something that the average Joe Avatar doesn’t get the privilege of.  Eric and Adam Reuters hold scheduled office hours in world, and are supposed to flog the virtual beat of all synthetic worlds.

Yet I go to the page, and what’s the freshest story they have there, aside from outside stories on the ticker below the banner?  September 12, with a story about this year’s SLCC.  There’s been more going on than this, though some of it may be of more “local” interest, and worthy more of filler stories than features.  If nothing else, why not coverage of the first day of this year’s Burning Life, or the Hair Fair, or similar Grid-wide events?  Why not a talk with Mark Kingdon (M Linden), who took time to discuss the dichotomy between the recent concurrency peaks (now over 71,000 simultaneous users) and the year-long plateau of approximately 500,000 recurring users with Hamlet Au of New World Notes?  Surely the world’s number 2 press syndicate, which has talked about user rates in the past, could get back to Linden Lab to speak with them about how we’re growing in some directions — and coping with the strain put on the region servers in the process — but not others.  Instead, they’re getting scooped — and by a blogger!  (Admittedly a well-connected blogger, but…!)

Or is this amateur’s picture of what’s important inflated, and the Reuters men actually doing their job?  Or is an editor “spiking” stories they’re submitting?  Only Eric and Adam know the answers.

You reading this today, Eric?  What’s the news behind the news — or seeming lack thereof?


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