This Blog’s Traffic Up — WAY Up

A quick note:  the traffic on this blog ran normally about 48 visits a day during the first year, for various reasons not all connected to Second Life.  But there’s been enough news, or just interest in what I’m writing, that my traffic has nearly doubled, to an average of 82/day in the last six months, including an incomplete March.

Most interesting, traffic spiked yesterday to 128, and it’s already up to 90 hits in the 12 hours since yesterday’s stats “close.”  That may be attributable to a site called  The site appears to be an aggregator of sorts, showing a random selection of sites, a new one every 5 seconds or so.  I can only guess that I’ve been picked up by them for some reason, but I welcome the visitors.  I hope they welcome the blog (grin).

Supplemental, 10:30 a:

Just looked at my Dashboard again, with the graph that shows traffic, and “spike” is no longer the operative word; today’s traffic has engaged warp drive, and taken off over 600 hits.  The one thing I can think of is that alphainventions looks kindly on any article that mentions it or links to it.

Hmmm; maybe I should do that more often…?

Supplemental, 5:45 p:

871 hits, with 1:15 to go before the close of the “day.”   Of that, 730 are aimed toward this article, with 628 of them coming from  The next article after that is my piece from December on Tekeli-li hair, with…23 visits.

Go figure….

UPDATE, 3/20, 7:15 a:

I didn’t get back to this last night, but checked this morning. Topped out at 875. Today’s traffic seems nowhere near as active.

I’m still guessing it’s because I put the link to that site in the message, and it went wild. I won’t beat a hit record of 875 for some time, probably never; the best this blog has done before was some 206, during one of the occasional news crises that have rolled through Second Life and Linden Lab over the past year. This blog will never be the Daily Kos or the Huffington Report.

But one can dream….

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