The Extremes of Prad Prathivi

Prad Prathivi is a fascinating writer, and a good guy to know.  An architect in both RL and SL, he is also an excellent writer, as his deserved win in the first Residents Choice Awards illustrate.

For instance, Prad’s definitely one of the Jokers of Second Life.  He’s the one who devised the famous (or infamous, but definitely desired!) Dedicated Second Life Keyboard, after all, and also revealed the contents of M Linden’s E-mail inbox.  He’s also compiled a two-part glossary of familiar SL terms for newbies that any budding linguist or language nerd needs to check out.  (Part 2 links to Part 1, so I’m linking to that.)

But then you look elsewhere in the blog, and you can find thoughtful pieces such as yesterday’s “Home is Where the Heart Is,” which discusses how we can invest empathy and feeling in things that exist ephemerally, at the best.  I can agree with Prad; I’ve liked most of the places I’ve called home so far in SL, and it does mean something to me if I have to leave for whatever reason.  Prad hits it on the head here.

Keep on doing a good job, man; we’ll be reading you.

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