On the Town with Digit Darkes

Okay, where is he??

Okay, where is he??

Don’t you just hate having to stand around waiting for a date to show up?  I was supposed to meet the guy here on the Champs-Élysées for dinner and the show at the Lido.  He’s an hour late now, and I’m about to just throw it over as stupidity and take care of myself.

Ah, well, at least I’m dressed for the night.  This Starlight gown I picked up from Digit Darkes would have been perfect for a night with that guy, though; just the right amount of sophistication and seduction — a lovely strapless top edged in black satin, rustling tulle skirt, and a side slit up to there in just the right place.  Lots of leg, and nothing else; but oh, the sense of invitation….

Are the shoes staying on?

Are the shoes staying on?  I’d better check; I have problem with slingbacks.  Even ones as nice as these from Armidi Gisaci.  (I’m glad I’ve been studying yoga.  Lets me keep my balance when I’m standing on tiny surfaces….)

Nothing like blue diamonds

Good thing I decided to come to Paris before trying the ice on.  I get the feeling the guards at the Smithsonian wouldn’t appreciate how I heisted their prize rock when I was visiting Washington last week.  I better hope there’s not an extradition treaty between France and the good ole U. S. A., though.  Of course, wearing the other pieces here might just keep the Sûreté confused.  They never knew that Evalyn Walsh McLean managed to put together a matching suite for the Hope Diamond, and I’ve “acquired” the other pieces over the years.  Tasty!  A pity she never had a circlet bandeau made for the suite; but this one from Waka & Yuki works pretty nicely, especially with my hair swept up like this.  Gotta love Japanese hairstylists!

Now, where to go…?

The details:

  • Shape/skin combo:  Type 6 (see Fashion page)
  • Hair:  Waka & Yuki (W&Y) Style 90 (black, at Tsukiji store); W&Y Hair Fair jeweled circlet (available with their Hair Fair 2009 style)
  • Nails:  Sin Skins Glitter Manicure (burgundy)
  • Shoes:  Armidi Gisaci Barcelona slingbacks (gold)
  • Gown:  Digit Darkes Starlight (mustard), minus shoulder bow
  • Jewelry:  Dahlinks Hope Diamond (classic blue); Virtual Impressions watch (diamonds/platinum)

Photographed by me at Les Champs Elysees.

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