Call for Pictures of SL and Veterans or Veterans Day

The American Veterans Day is coming up in a little under a month.  As I believe I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I have a special appreciation for this day because of my late father, who served in World War II and was wounded in Europe.

Last year, I founded a Flickr group dedicated to photos of veterans’ and similar service memorials in Second Life.  Please consider this an invitation to add your own photos to the group if you’re a Flickr member.  Pictures can be your personal tribute to their service as a whole, or for an individual in your own RL, or simply a shot of some memorial area on the Grid.  My only criteria are that they be on the Grid, appropriate to the theme, and no nudity or advertising.  Submissions don’t need to be restricted to American servicemen; there’s one shot of a recreation of the British Cenotaph from World War I — now apparently gone, as I understand.

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