Two Years of Around the Grid

Warning:  much statistical navel-gazing ahead!

A little late in getting this up; but, as readers may have noticed, I’ve been having fun with my computer lately.  This is being written from the husband’s laptop, the keyboard of which I don’t really love.  When you need to write something, though, and this is the only keyboard available….

Any road, November 20th was my actual anniversary of the first article on Around the Grid with Harper.  Since I can’t back up the statistics provides to the 20th (or I haven’t discovered how), I’ll take them from today, the 26th.  To wit, the top 10 of all time:

  1. Custom Couture by Hanalyn — 4,524
  2. Putting the Bite on Bloodlines in Second Life — 2,945
  3. Nyla’s Russian Ballerina — 1,375
  4. Ready for Oscar Night — 991
  5. Contact Sheet:  Shoshana Epsilon…. — 817
  6. Pulling (Virtual) Hair — 809
  7. Fashion for the Holidays — 740
  8. Scripted SL Hair by Tekeli-li — 689
  9. Apocalypto — 668
  10. News on Free Skins (updated) — 646

There was actually another article at Number 8, the famous one on how high my traffic was spiking.  That piece linked to a blog aggregator — and that link seemed to feed traffic to the aggregator, which shoved the traffic way up on the single article.  To this day, it’s my best day on the WordPress stats.  However, I consider it a bogus number in this case, and so I’m disregarding it.

For more navel-gazing, turn the page….

I did some more looking over the numbers, and the types of articles, and discovered that 8 of the 10 above are fashion pieces.  This seems to go along with the general trend of Second Life blogs, where most of them are related to the Grid’s thriving fashion industry and its occasional issues (or drama).  Only one was a relatively “hard” news piece (the Bloodlines article), and the other was photography related:  my second Contact Sheet column.  That disappointed me a bit; I was hoping to not focus so heavily on fashion in this blog, since it’s not the only thing that drives me, even in the appearance-happy world of Second Life.  So I did some more searching, breaking down the top 100 articles of all time by five categories:  fashion (including hair), news, photography, travel and miscellaneous (anything that, in my opinion, didn’t fit the other four).  The results were:

  • Fashion:  29
  • News:  23
  • Photography:  16
  • Travel:  6
  • Miscellaneous:  26

That’s much more pleasing.  It’s still fashion-heavy, but there’s real news coverage in here, as well as other things.  The “miscellaneous” could be broken down farter as well, e.g. meta, humor, real life, etc., but it still shows that fashion accounts for only maybe 30% of the total articles in Around the Grid.  (Anytime you may be interested in a real-time breakdown, just hover your mouse over the listings in the category cloud in my sidebar.  Currently, with some crossover between the two categories (since I often feature a hairdo with a dress), fashion accounts for 81 articles (23%) and hair for 38 (11%), out of a total of 352 — very satisfactory indeed.

I suppose this says more about the reading habits of the folks who stop by here.  Even if I took off the number one article (my piece about a gown I commissioned from a young designer in my early days), the next article up would be a fashion piece.  But you also have to factor in hits from non-SL types.  “Custom Couture by Hanalyn” actually gets most of its traffic from Star Trek fans searching for pictures of Diana Ewing, the actress who played Droxine in the TOS episode “The Cloud Minders.”

Thinking of searches, those wonderful search terms almost always entertain, at least in the short term, don’t they?  My current top 20 for all time are more boring, but explain some of my top articles:

  1. diana ewing
  2. formal hairstyles
  3. ballerina
  4. slingshot bikini
  5. sling bikini
  6. updo hairstyles
  7. apocalypto
  8. droxine
  9. connie
  10. xica da silva
  11. bank closures
  12. bloodlines second life
  13. second life bloodlines
  14. second life vampire bites
  15. valentino fashion
  16. valentino
  17. “diana ewing”
  18. fashion poses
  19. andromeda
  20. miniskirt boots

“diana ewing” and “droxine” are explained above; and the fashion/hair terms are self-explanatory, except for “valentino.”  I did a short piece on the retirement of the fabulous Italian couturier last year.  The “bloodlines” pieces are obvious as well to anyone from the Grid, especially if they’ve had a Bloodliner trying to bite them ad nauseum.  “connie” comes from my friendship with photographer Connie Arida (who took my profile picture to the right); and “bank closures” dates back to the Grid-banking crisis — but that term also has brought hits from people searching on CNN’s site for bank information, and turning me up for some reason.  The strangest one, “xica da silva,” refers to a Brazilian historical figure.  A Flickrite, Moire Georgette, created a photo of herself dressed as Da Silva, and I linked to it, so….

I think that’s enough statistics for now.  I’ve shot over 700 words (and numbers) on this article; and, even using recycled bytes — this blog is green, by God — that gets to be a lot.  If you’ve lasted this long, both my thanks and my congratulations, and be assured I do this only once a year (grin).

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