Review — Prim Lashes by Miamai

Prim lashes are both blessed and cursed by Residents, mostly by the female avatars.  They improve our looks tremendously, and give variation to an appearance.  They’re often relatively inexpensive, and attach onto face points that aren’t often used (unless you’re wearing a hat or something else on your head.)  On the down side, they need adjustment to fit, a fiddly process that for many never quite works and that can tax the patience; and they usually can be seen floating a centimeter or so from the eyelids if you turn your head to the side.  Most lashes use invisible alpha-channel textures, as well, which brings its own problems familiar to many working with high-heel shoes in world.

Miamai now introduces something I haven’t seen before:  prim lashes.  That is, lashes made totally out of prims.  No single-sheet units with alpha textures here; each hair is an individual hair.  monica Outlander has released nine sets so far at L$150 each for your consumption.  I subscribe to updates from Miamai, so I went to the main store to check this out.  I was not alone, either — runway model Mui Mukerji was also in the store, having received the notice as well, and many more ladies arrived soon after.  The following is my opinion only, I should point out, coming from trying on two different sets, one for more casual wear, one looking like it’s meant for sheer glamour (as well as runway and modeling work).  I did, however, discuss these some with Mui, and that will be noted where it appears.

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It is, of course, simple to put these on:  just drop them on your avatar or right-click and choose “wear.”  They rezz quickly in place.  I include here photos of the two sets I purchased, #2 and #3.

This is the Number 2.  Very lush on the upper lashes; with a good bit of eyeliner on your skin, there’s no noticing the join line of prim hairs.  The lower lashes are more scant, just like evolution dictates.

Number 3 shares some of the characteristics, though both Mui and I agree this is a more casual look.

Other sets that I’ve seen can ramp up the glamour factor as high as you care to go.  There are lashes with white hairs, that are even thicker, that have black or white mascara drops on hair tips.  Some of those are tempting to me, and I might try them yet…but I’m a little disappointed at the moment with the results I have here.

Compare the above with this look, my standard “Type I” shape/skin, wearing a set of Detour Edge alpha lashes:

I had to work to get these adjusted as well as they appear now, and sometimes the problems I listed above do crop up.  However, the appearance of the lower lashes is thicker; and, when I pull out from this closeup, it stays consistent.  Here is Miamai’s Number 2, photographed from farther out from my face, perhaps only a meter or two:

The effect begins to look as if you have spidery hairs around your lower lids instead of lashes.  I’m finding this unsatisfactory, though I won’t toss these lashes out just yet.

One reason I’d continue experimenting with individual-prim lashes is the comparative ease in editing.  You’ll have to crank your camera in close to do the job — use Ctrl-) to close in, and Ctrl-( to back out — but once you get close enough, edit individual prims and click on each hair to move it as you wish.  You can move these babies right on to the line of the lid.  You can also stretch them, which may help compensate for the spidery look I noted above; if you try this, I’d strongly suggest you make sure you have “Stretch both sides” selected on the editing controls, then stretch them on the red handles (side to side).  This appears to “fatten” up the hairs satisfactorily, if you keep conservative about it.  (Too much, and you’ll get something totally alien to what most people look for.)

One other down side I can think of for these lashes — at the risk of setting off an old argument — is that each of these hairs is a prim.  That means you’re wearing a lot of prims here; for instance, the Number 3 set has 157 prims in it.  You do not want to wear these to a big event, such as a ball, a mega-concert, or Hair Fair.  Going down to no other prims besides my hair, I was at an Avatar Rendering Cost of 386; taking off the wig as well, I still rang the bell at 105.  (Standing still, the lashes appear to add on 29 ARC points to the cost.)  I realize that many on the Grid consider ARC a “social-science number” with no real worth; but I believe it does provide a reasonable barometer on how much strain you’re adding to clients and servers.

My end opinion:  monica has a good idea here, but I’m not quite sure how well it’s working yet.  I think more hairs, at the risk of raising ARC up higher, might compensate for some of the “spider-hair” effect I noted.  If nothing else, L$150 isn’t too big a price to drop on something, so you might be interested in experimenting here.

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