JE*Republic Tarae Hair

In putting together the look for the picture in my New Year’s greeting piece, I came upon a (not surprisingly) forgotten hairstyle I had picked up some time back from JE*Republic.  The owner, a Korean avatar named Jungeun Vella, does fashion as well as hair; but it’s these updos that have caught my attention.

This is something of a style family rather than an individual piece.  Jungeun has done five styles under the name of Tarae; I did not see the most recent, but you can find pictures of this one at the store blog.  I will confess that the fifth is not a preference, either.  But it’s more than made up for by the four I show below.  Each color set contains two wigs and is priced at L$200; a fatpack runs L$1,000.  These are great updos, perfect for a romantic night or a ball somewhere — just right for this time of year!  I’m considering putting these photos in one of Bettina Tizzy’s Flickr groups, because I suspect seriously that these styles would not be possible in real life, at least not without punching a hole in the ozone layer.

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