Brunch in Manhattan with Paper Couture

Hundreds of lady-avatars across Second Life wait with baited breath whenever the word gets out that Paper Couture is about to release a new collection.  Ava and Cora Lu have attracted a devoted clientele in the time their house has been open, and deservedly so; their dresses are the highest of design, leaning in some cases toward the absurdly fantasial levels of upper haute couture.  At the same time, their dresses are wonderfully beautiful, and have graced many a party or ball.  I wore Paper to the get-together I invited my friends to on New Year’s Eve 2008/9.  (That’s me in the center, wearing Paper’s Magpie, with Gidge Uriza and Cajsa Lilliehook to the right of the picture.)

That time has come again; the couturière and the jeweler have teamed again for what I feel is another smashing fall collection.  Some I’ve spoken with are not so impressed with the results this time around; but I struggled through the sim lag at Tableau region yesterday and gave a good examination of the displays, and promptly wished I had about L$10,000 to spare.  As it was, I found several items I couldn’t do without, and the Lus profited from my visit (grin).

My choice for this outing is Manhattan Brunch.  One look at the texturing of this dress will give you the reason why I chose it; after all, I live in a cottage I’ve decorated in an Art Deco theme.  I really don’t know if this is wearable to an actual brunch, as it seems a little showy for a midday function.  I went ahead and honored the name, though, by wearing a set of daytime leather gloves.

This would make an excellent cocktail dress as well, and I honored that by donning a pair of strappy jeweled heels.

An old standby, G.L.A.M.’s tintable tights, are on my legs, giving added shine to the ensemble.  (No longer sold, sadly, now that they have changed their name to Viva la Glam.)

Here’s where Cora takes over from Ava and gets her innings.  The jewelry is Paper, and is one of several large and chunky sets that the Lus have produced for this season.  (I did throw in a few other things, though; see the Details below.)

If you’re interested, head on over to Tableau and look for the theatre marquee.  But be prepared.  The sim is not crowded; it’s just that moving in the place yesterday morning was like trying to walk through treacle.  I’m not sure if something was gnawing on Second Life yesterday morning, or if the Lus have filled the sim with high-impact prims, but you may need to cam-shop to get what you want.

The details:

Standard shape/skin Type I

  • Hair: Diversity Hair Jaya (ash blonde)
  • Dress: Paper Couture Manhattan Brunch
  • Shoes: Adam n Eve Incanti (gold/sapphire straps)
  • Pantyhose: G.L.A.M. tintable lycra tights (gold) (no longer available)
  • Gloves: LeeZu Baxter Nif Nif gloves (black)
  • Jewelry: Paper Couture Noir Gold suite (necklace/earrings); Mystic Emporium Myrddin’s Celtic Torc Bangle (gold); EarthStones tennis bracelet (gold/champagne diamonds)
  • Accessories: Mika Designs scripted cigarette holder (ivory/gold)

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