Mal Burns: Think Like a Hotel, Not Like a Software Company

Tateru Nino, writing for Massively, just put up a piece on one of the things companies offering virtual worlds should consider seriously.  Nino contends that they should think more like the Marriott hotel chain — a service provider — instead of a company selling software, like Microsoft.

I don’t know if the points made about Linden Lab in the article are all true, as I’ve never attended an office time since I first rezzed in, back in 2007.  But many besides Tateru insist that the Lab doesn’t listen to their suggestions, let alone their gripes and complaints; and that is never the way for any business to operate.  Take it from me; I work in an industry, bookselling, where you’d better listen to your customers if you want to satisfy them.  Seriously, any business can lose their customer base faster than they’d believe if they aren’t at least reasonably responsive to their customers’ concerns.

If these complaints about Linden Lab are true, then those who have ears to hear….

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