New Photo Groups for Classy & Casual SL Fashion

Of course, we all know what Second Life is really for….

…The fashion, dahlings!

But, contrary to appearances, especially on this blog, it’s not all about big ball gowns or outlandish costumes.  One of the most successful newcomers to Grid couture in the past six months has been, a house that specializes in J. Crew-style casuals and hairstyles.  (My normal day-to-day hairstyle is currently’s Leigh.)  Other houses are either exclusively casual, or have daywear lines as part of their overall sales strategy and design aesthetic.

To help show off some of the things available, I’ve founded groups at Flickr and Koinup specializing in casual styles.  I’ve already hunted out some excellent items, as well as adding my own pieces; it’s fantastic what can be done, not only with ensembles sold by the stores, but in the mix-and-match department as well.  Why not stop on by and take a look?  Or, if you’re an account holder on either service, add your own shots.  Please be sure to read the group rules before posting.

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