“Someone’s Crying, Lord”

I haven’t tried to log in yet today, which may be just as well; in terms of the old information page for Grid status, the monkeys are banging on the monolith again with cow femurs.  In other words, the Grid is down and under repair.

A lot of the folks wanting to get in have Plurk accounts.  One of them put up that Linden Lab should make it fun for us, and just send us all to the Cornfield when we log in.  Then we could all sit around a campfire and sing “Kumbayah” together.  That got some laughs for sure (grin).

(For those unfamiliar with this outside of The Twilight Zone, the Cornfield was a region where breakers of the Terms of Service used to be sent as a punishment short of banning from Second Life.  You were stuck riding around on a tractor, unable to get out of the sim until the Lab figured you’d repented.  It’s not used for that anymore, according to one of my old books, as people started doing piddly things to get themselves sent to the Cornfield so they could see what it was like, and the whole concept got overwhelmed.)

As well as hanging out in Second Life, I’m also a devoted player of another great time sink, the Civilization games of Sid Meier, and I recalled that one of the computer leaders in the game comes back with almost the same line during a diplomacy phase.  Then I added, “At least that’s better than the guy who wants to sacrifice 50,000 slaves to celebrate this auspicious occasion.”

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