Need a House? Check Out Pandora Island

I did a walkabout of my landlord’s island again, wondering if anyone had rented my old house I lived in before I moved to the apartment tower.  Imagine my disquiet when I found that several of the cabins are up for rent again, and my old place may be soon.

I like my landlords; they’ve done good by me in the time I’ve been with Nukunono Estates.  So I figure I’ll try to do good by them again.  This writer gets no compensation from those worthy folk, beyond the pleasure of trying to do a good turn for them (and possibly keeping from having to hunt up a fresh house again.)  If anyone’s interested in a nice estate house at what I think is an excellent weekly rate (L$1000/450), teleport to Pandora Island and check out the properties for rent.  I think you’ll be pleased at what’s available.

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