Illinois (via The Geeky Freak)

This is a lovely ensemble, evocative of the world of Robin & the 7 Hoods, Sizzle, and The Wild Party. Read the entire article at Safeer’s blog, at the link below.


Illinois This is my kind of town. Chicago is, My kind of town,Chicago is, My kind of people, too; People who smile at you! And each time I roam, Chicago is, Callin' me home, Chicago is, One town that won't let you down; It's my kind of town. My kind of town. Chicago is my kind of town. Chicago is my kind of razzmatazz And it has all that jazz, And each time I leave, Chicago is, Tuggin' my sleeve, Chicago is, The Wrigley Building,Chicago is, The Union Stoc … Read More

via The Geeky Freak

Posted September 18, 2010 by Harper Ganesvoort in Fashion

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