Virtual Hallowe’en Photo Contest Results Announced!

It took a fight — as much with my computer as with the quality of the submissions.  After my previous notice, the blasted box decided to die again!  this time, though, I think we have it; I’ve installed a new C: drive, cloned Windows onto it, and pulled the old D: drive out of the loop.  So I’ll take a chance, and say, in the words of the immortal Bullwinkle, “This time for sure!

The Around the Grid Virtual Hallowe’en Photo Contest had a lot of good offerings to sort through and decide which ones would make the final cut.  Then, after that, how to order the final cut (grin).  But the job is done.  I gave myself until November 9 to make the decision, allowing for RL schedules and other things; indeed, with my computer in the shop for a time, it looked like it might be necessary to go way beyond that to just have a chance to even start reviewing the entries.  Things lucked out, though, and it’s time to announce the winners.  For those of you reading from the front page, click on through to read the results.

Second Life:

First place, and a L$2,500 prize:

Jaguar Constantine, for the fabulous Djinn, come out and play with me:

(C) 2010 by Jaguar Constantine

This is one of the nicest pieces of virtual illusion that I’ve seen.  It looks like Jaguar is actually materializing from the lamp, as if we were Aladdin and had just rubbed it for the first time.  A wonderful work, and well deserving.

Second place, and a L$2,000 prize:

Tigre Milena, for Nurtured, a very imaginative photograph:

(C) 2010 by Tigre Milena

The only one I’m relatively certain is an avatar here is Tigre (I assume that’s Tigre sitting up there), on top of the arch; the other figures are probably prims.  I would love to know where that skin/costume came from.  Tigre looks like a dryad out of Greek myth here.  Absolutely lovely.

Third place, and a L$1,000 prize:

Victoria McCarthy, for (logically enough) Witch:

(C) 2010 by Victoria McCarthy

A quieter scene here:  no battles, no huge arcane displays; just a witch working away at her cauldron.  But what a witch!

Honorable mentions, L$250 each (in alphabetical order):

Antario Denja, for Enlightenment:

(C) 2010 by Antario Denja

Brandyr Luminos, for Aerial:

(C) 2010 by Brandyr Luminos

“nekonuko” for NEKO_WITCH_project03:

(C) 2010 by nekonuko

Emmins13 Sygall for Summoner:

(C) 2010 by Emmins13 Sygall

Non-Second Life

First Place:

LookatmyBack, for You Shall Not Pass!:

(C) 2010 by Lookatmy Back; taken in an unknown virtual world

A nicely done piece of combat, showing that you shouldn’t usually bother bringing a sword or axe to a fight with someone who can fling levin-bolts around.  Unless you can sneak up on them.

Second place:

Lithea, for Eternal silence cries out for justice:

(C) 2010 by Lithea; taken in The Sims

This dark angel commands a great deal of power, judging by the spell circle she’s cast about the mystic gem.

Third place:

Cannella, for Halloween – Dark Fairy:

(C) 2010 by Cannella; taken in The Sims

I can’t see this avatar as a “dark” fairy; the subject is too pastoral and peaceful.  The hand on the lower left, though, may mean something; and what is it in that ewer…?

Honorable mentions:

There were four honorable mentions here as well as in the Second Life category, but one of them appears to have been deleted.  The remaining are:

Link, for On the gate of Ásgard:

(C) 2010 by Link; taken in The Sims

zhey, for Looking for the eternal one who knows the secret of immortality:

(C) 2010 by zhey; taken in The Sims

Redzebrass, for Hope:

(C) 2010 by Redzebrass; taken in IMVU

Congratulations to all the winners!  Notifications will be added to the comments on each photo’s own page.  Please go and visit these pages, and leave comments if you’re a member of the two services!

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