PXL Open Mouth Photographer’s Tool

PXL is best know, of course, for its excellent skins, and is one of the favorite skin vendors to several of my preferred fashion blogs.  (I wear a PXL skin day to day now in Second Life myself, with just a subtle dusting of freckles appropriate to a redhead.)  But PXL has more things than just skins and shapes; there are eyes available, and now there is OpenMouth.

This new attachment is an interesting little device.  It’s essentially a small prim that you slide inside your head — yes, I know how that sounds, and I like it (evil grin)! — with the editor, right at the level of your lips.  When you have it positioned correctly, it gives your mouth the appearance of being slightly open, so that your front few teeth can be seen.

Before PXL OpenMouth

And after

You can see the difference here. The addition of the “teeth” gives a subtle but noticeable, and much more pleasant instead of serene or stern, look to my face.

Use of the prim is relatively simple, and PXL includes an instruction notecard for purposes. To lay it out here, you first turn on View Transparent Objects by hitting Ctrl-Alt-T, then wearing the OpenMouth. (Or you can invert the process at this stage, if you wish.) You’ll see a small oval wedge in the region of your mouth, along with a transparent square in front. Click on the square to do your editing work — the key once the prim is embedded inside your skull.  Using the arrow on the red editing plane, slide the wedge in until the teeth show enough for the effect you want. You may also have to adjust the prim vertically, in order to conceal the edges of the prim that project out around your chin or nose.

It isn’t as fussy to do as prim lashes, but take your time and check frequently on both sides. It’s a neat little trick, as you can see!

There are a few down sides to OpenMouth. First, if you’re thinking you can walk around and wear this all the time, don’t. This is meant for full-face or (at the most) 3/4-face shots, unless you have the prim really well embedded in your mouth, and then it probably will barely be showing. In the normal course, the effect can look like you have a pair of buck teeth — not as bad or obvious, perhaps, as the teeth used on the demo hair of a well-known hairdresser, but noticeable. Second, the visible prim with the teeth may not fit all faces out of the box. As you can see from this….

…corners can sometimes stick out. It can normally be concealed with judicious adjustment of the horizontal and vertical on this shape, my primary shape as it turns out. But on at least one of my other model shapes, it won’t work. Fortunately, the prim is modifiable. (You will remember to make a backup copy before modding it!) The good thing about being able to mod it is that you can also get slightly different looks to the teeth with careful work and practice.

Photographers may be interested; head to PXL in Cindel and check it out.

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