There are Aliens On the Grid

And I don’t mean avatars of aliens; I mean the real thing.

Oh, you want proof?  Well, I’m reading the August 2010 issue of ICON magazine, which I should do more often.  (I don’t keep up with the magazines like I should, not even Second Style, the doyenne of Second Life fashion.)  I came across the editor’s column, written by Jordan Whitt, and she says in referring to being knocked out of SL for two weeks, quote:

Think of all the SHOPPING I was missing!!!!  Not to mention the mess my inventory is going to be.  As a Virgo, I think that disturbed me the most.  I have my inventory so neat and tidy, with everything filed away into categories, sub-categories and sub-sub-categories etc.

This is incontrovertible proof that Jordan is an alien.  Her inventory is neatSorted??  CATEGORIZED??? Not possible for a human avatar.  As much as I try, my nearly 15,000 pieces of junk are still mostly unsorted.  If I spread them out on my apartment floor, I wouldn’t be able to move around.  Repeated shovel-outs of old notecards, landmarks, pictures/textures, etc. have managed to reduce it down from over 16,000; but it’s creeping back up as I use the Wardrobe function of my viewer more and more for fast changes.

An organized inventory???  Simply not possible; at least not humanly possible….

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go rally the Resistance.

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