Happy hunting and adventing! (via Through Salamander’s Eyes)

Moniq Salamander offers some options for people preparing for their Advent, Christmas and New Year’s partying, but don’t want to break the budget in the process. The Holidays do tend to bring out lots of celebration sales and hunts; here’s your chance to build a stunning wardrobe for very few lindens.


Happy hunting and adventing! With so many advents, subscribers and hunts, it’s easy to make yourself pretty for the holidays without plunging your balance to zero. So today I show you two fab dresses from the Happy Holidays Hunt, a hair attachment from the Glam Affair hunt, jewelry from Dark Mouse which I got from the lucky chair while picking the advent gifts and a Mango, Mango skin that was sent as gift for subscribers. First up, Cheerno Femme. I can’t decide if this dress … Read More

via Through Salamander’s Eyes


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