Appearances Do Count!

From Chopine Aura, the mistress of Baroque-style shoes, comes a link via Plurk.

Take a good look at these three photos. Notice anything similar about the women?  You should.  They’re all the same woman.

And people wonder why so many of the Residents of Second Life are fashionistas.  Clothes do make the person — as does hair, as does expression, as does almost everything about appearance.  It does count, and affects how we perceive ourselves, as well as how others perceive us.  How about another example?  Take a look at old pictures of Sean Combs, before he reinvented himself.  Remember him from his Puff Daddy days?  Then look at the same dude from the ‘hood, in a suit and tie.  Clothes and grooming are how we project an image of ourselves, and it can range from “well off, successful and powerful” to “I don’t give a flying flip.”

That’s one reason why (sorry, people) I tend to shy away from most pictures of avatars with grungy hair/clothes, multiple piercings in every conceivable location, etc.  Those things are a turn-off for me, just don’t interest or attract me.  Some may say I’m way old-fashioned, but I guess that’s just how I’m rezzed.  Even when I’m “slopping around,” I’m mostly neat, though I’m in a T-shirt and jeans.  The funkiest thing may be my hair, and even that can depend on the location I’m traveling into.  Something to consider, perhaps….

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