Appeal for Alabama

The above picture is not from Second Life; it’s shot by me, and is from an all too harsh real life that struck neighbors of mine some 40 miles from where I live in Central Alabama.  My family and town have been spared during the last two weeks of insane weather by the grace of God.  People around us in Tuscaloosa, Pratt City, Pleasant Grove and many other towns were not.  The view above is a ground-level view of the Alberta district of Tuscaloosa, which bore the brunt of the massive cyclone that ripped through on Wednesday.  There is more damage scattered elsewhere, but this neighborhood, home to families and students of the University of Alabama, was destroyed.

To help out on this, Brutus Martinek of the blog Pididdle is asking people to contribute to boxes that will be placed about Second Life.  100% of the money goes to the Alabama Red Cross for disaster relief.  If you prefer, you can donate in real life to the charity of your choice, such as through your local Red Cross chapter, or through legitimate organizations such as Episcopal Relief and Development.  I’m helping in addition to this by cleaning out my closet.  If you go to the skybox photo studio/gallery of my store, Harper’s Fine Art and Photography, you’ll find a box I put together from my Inventory:  a vintage Ginny Talamasca gown from Last Call.  I was planning to sell out transferable items from my Inventory to clear it out — four years of accumulation adds up!  Now the money will go to the tornado relief.  I’ll be feeding more boxes in up in the photo studio as RL time permits.

Please help out in this effort.

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