Gracie Kendal Launches 1000 Avatars Book

It was my pleasure and privilege to attend a launch party tonight for a RL book.  Gracie Kendal, the photographer who set out to shoot 1,000 Second Life avatars, has published her work, and her book was released for sale today.

I came in late on the proceedings, but had a chance to grab a glass of champagne and do a little dancing with the packed house.  (How often can you dance with a werewolf and a blue whale in the same location?)

This is quite a difference from the Gracie who was reeling off photographs for a month or so, dressed in paint-stained jeans and shooting photos with an old Polaroid SX-70 camera.

Here’s a look at the cover of the book.  The smaller copy below is a THiNC copy of the first few pages, with the introduction.  If you teleport to the new home of her in-world exhibit, at the sim home of Cal State Northridge, you can get a notecard explaining things, and instructing you how to put in an order for a signed copy.

Congratulations, Gracie; here’s hoping the book does well!!

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