Regional WindLight Settings Coming Soon: New World Notes

Thanks to Hamlet Au

New World Notes report that regional control of a sim’s (or, I’m hoping, a plot’s) WindLight environmental lighting settings will be coming soon. This will give the owner the ability to modify the mood of the sim with tweaks of the sliders on the land controls, similar to what we can already do on an Resident-by-Resident basis in the viewer enviro controls, and make it uniform for anyone walking or teleporting in.  (I would assume that you could still change things to suit your individual desire after landing, but the article does not go into this.)  There is a video to demonstrate this; watch as the avatar goes over the bridge from one region to another.

I can imagine one use for this beyond just creating a mood for certain types of RPG settings:  this could be very useful at Hallowe’en, and possibly Christmas as well.  Combine the lighting with weather control and some artfully positioned rainstorms, leaf drifts or snow piles, and you can put together an incredible region!

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