Comment on Articles Using Twitter and Facebook IDs

I love WordPress.  They give you so many great tools to write your blog with, and then they give you great tools to make it easier for people to leave comments as well.

Starting today, you now have four choices for identifying yourself when you leave a comment:  as a guest, with your WordPress ID, or (as is becoming more common across the Web) using your account from Twitter or Facebook.  So you don’t need to have a WordPress account if you want to “sign” your post.  Actually, you’ve never needed an account on Around the Grid, as we’ve always allowed guest commentary.  But this makes the process even more versatile.  You can even be logged in to one service already, and still use another of your choice; see the picture here.

I took this while logged in to both WordPress and Twitter (my service of choice, though I have an account with Zuckerberg’s House of Identity Controversy).

So you have a choice now.  Lay it on me!

Posted June 8, 2011 by Harper Ganesvoort in Meta

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