Gold sellers and spammers in Second Life Forum (via Miyodarcy’s Blog about her Second Life)

Miyo Darcy reports that bottom scum have arrived in Second Life, trying to victimize Residents with loose lindens. Read, and then avoid these people like the Plague!


Gold sellers and spammers in Second Life Forum So now the Gold sellers and spammers we know from other Games (MMO´s) like World of Warcraft are arrived in Second Life. The official Second Life Forum is full of “Buy Linden Dollars” spam. So be careful… I bet you catch malware if you click on one of those links. And you know.. you just can get L$ from Linden Labs on the official Second Life Website. So dont buy L$ on any of these dubious Websites they spam in the Forums. … Read More

via Miyodarcy’s Blog about her Second Life

Posted August 31, 2011 by Harper Ganesvoort in News, Reblog

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