Kirstens Viewer Shutting Down Development

Sad news comes to me via Plurk:  KirstenLee Cinquetti has chosen to pull the plug on her development of Kirstens Viewer, a long-time third-party alternative to the official Linden viewer for Second Life.  In her article announcing her choice at her blog, KirstenLee cites personal RL needs — Dawny (her partner, I believe) has had health problems for some time, and has needed to quit work, which means KirstenLee is becoming the breadwinner now.

This is a sad thing for me as well.  Kirstens Viewer was my viewer of choice for a long time.  More important, though, is that KirstenLee have the chance to stabilize things at home and focus on RL.  I thank her for her hard, unpaid work over these past few years, and wish her and Dawny the best.  Hopefully she will be able to resume development at a later time.

Thanks to Daniel Voyager for the plurk.

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