Darkness falls about me again
As I sit and gaze down the road.
How many days since you left?
How many lifetimes since you closed our gate,
Promising that soon you’d be home again?

But a handful of days, I’m told,
As if I hadn’t known.
But oh, how long those few suns and moons seem
Without the sight of your face,
The warmth of your brown eyes,
And the touch of your hand upon my flesh.

I won’t weep, I tell myself;
I will be patient.
You have gone before,
And have always returned.
But, gods of my mothers,
Without you, all is so empty.

Our lives have changed so
Since our first long-ago summer.
Now I wait garbed in silks and jewels,
A marble bench my couch instead of a wooden stool,
Servants to obey me, instead of my own labor and sweat.
One thing alone has not changed —
I would put all this aside
To see your dear face,
Or to lay beside you at night,
The grass and flowers our cushion,
The stars our counterpane,
And your sweet body my coverlet.

What awaits you this time
On the road you travel?
My mother and the priests laugh me to scorn
When I say I wish you a boring journey.
They never had a traveler for a heart-mate.
What dangers will threaten you on the march,
What thieves in the dark, what perils in the light…
What…temptations…in the night…
To take you away from me?

With you near, I live,
Every second a life of joy;
Without you, I die,
A little more each day you are gone.
Oh, wandering beloved, come home soon
And raise me from this living tomb;
Crush my lips beneath yours,
Touch my body with your hand,
And fill my heart with your love.

Harper Ganesvoort, 2011


The details:

  • Gown: Danielle Thousand (silver and black lace)
  • Hair: PurpleMoon Era (ebony)
  • Jewelry: GaNKeD Black Sherbet suite; Paper Couture Times Square diamond ring
  • Makeup (in order of application): Glamorize Treasured Kisses Lips; Tattanooga Glamour 002 eyeshadow; BOOM Liquid Glaze liner (lashed yellow); White~Widow Cristal (purple)

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