Lady Frost

GasOven produces a winter fashion piece that is sparkling and mystical, like the Snow Queen.  A delightful confection, and I hope you’ll follow through to the rest of her original article, and then comment on it!


Buuuuurrrrrrrr!  It’s getting cold out there!  I was in a watery mood there for a while when it came to images.  Now, I suppose I’m moving on to water in another state.  It’s getting icy around Second Life and I think it’s just gorgeous!  Luckily, there are places like Alirium where it’s always a frosty wonderland!  I recommend it if you’re looking to shoot some beautiful, wintery pictures this season ^^

Second Life imagery has been especially fun for me lately.  I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve been in love with our beautiful, little, digital world.  Can you believe how creative some of our residents are?  It’s fabulous!  Plus, so many sims are changing over to their seasonal appearances.  It all feels so magical!

Speaking of magic, sales are very magical!  Right now The White Armory is having a great sale where many of their gowns are…

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