In Japan Kanto

I made a short visit recently to the four Asian sims — Japan Kanto, Japan Chubu, Japan Kansai and China Sichuan — looking as ever for new places and builds.  These four regions, forming their own small Middle Kingdom, are located west of the Mainland Continents, and are lovely for the most part.  I had a wonderful, relaxing bath in the hot springs of a ryokan, then clothed myself appropriately and went off to wander.

Japan Kanto is more commercially oriented than the other sims, but there are still great spots for photo work.  This SLurl won’t get you precisely where I was when I photographed myself; yet it’s still worth a stop, and you will surely find your own locations to shoot.

As an aside, that is me in the photo; I have, beyond my more alien skins, at least 7 ethnic shape/skin combinations that I use around characters I write about in some short stories.  This one I call Keiko; I’m unsure if anything here is still available for sale, so I’m not including the details.  (I really should trot out the other shapes/skins more often.)

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