Knits are Perfect for Virtual Ireland

Empress and Hierophant is one of several linked regions that simulate the Irish countryside.  That is, the Irish countryside as you might see it if a photography crew and one of those ethereal models they find in England — male and female — went to Ireland to pose for Rowan Yarn.  Those pictures are more unreal than even Second Life.  (That’s saying something.)

The great thing is that it’s really beautiful in E&H, which is run by Alchemy Immortalis along with the four other sims in this “mega-island.”

Of course, you noticed I invoked that magic word for a knitter — “yarn.”  What better to wear in cold or wet weather on an Irish moor farmland than knitted clothes?  Especially the beautiful stuff that Prism comes up with.  I’m turning into a Prism devotee, and not because I’ve been presented with several pieces by Journey McLaglen and her manager, Herradurra Baar.  It’s because of the cut of the clothes, the beauty of the design, and the brilliance of the texturing Journey comes up with in everything I can think of that she’s done.  I mean, take a look at that first shot.  It’s not one of my greatest photos, at least at this size.  But see the grain of the knit?  See how the sides V down and join together, like you would find in a RL sweater/jumper with good shaping?  The “sizing” of the texture is proper as well, aside from the usual stretch points on system garments; this looks to be hand drawn for the garment, and is in proportion for a sweater knit with bulky or chunky size yarn; it’s not a photo texture.  The same care goes into the belt and the “skirts” of the sweater, the fringe, and even the leggings I have on.  At most, I would need to slide the pant cuffs down slightly on each leg to look more natural.

Even the tie of the belt is beautifully done here, and the positioning at the waist disguises the join between system shirt and prim skirts quite nicely.  The tightness of the fitting means that leg movement may show through periodically, but this is not too unusual, and can be gotten away with in a casual piece, while you really don’t want to see prim ends in a formal gown.  Journey has done her work well here.

I’m really enchanted with this collar; it begs you to pull it snugger, just to see if you can.  (You can’t.)

Top this outfit off with Bax Coen boots — although a pair of Wellies would be better for tramping across the moors, instead of boots with needle-thin heels — and leather gloves; accessorize with a few pieces of jewelry; pull on my glasses, since the eyes are starting to drift a little with the years; and I’m ready to go.  Now if only the rain would stop out there….


The details — in this case, the stuff I haven’t featured before in recent articles:

  • Prism Elara knitted outfit (Winter Mist; gift from designer)
  • Nif Nif gloves by LeeZu Baxter (no longer available)

Photographed in Empress and Hierophant region.

Posted December 30, 2011 by Harper Ganesvoort in Fashion

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