Too Much is Never Enough

Nothing much to report here — in terms of news, or new clothes, or whatever.  I’ve been working for about three days on the constant bugaboo of Second Lifers:  cutting down on Inventory.  I was close to 16,800 items1 a few days ago; with a lot of determination, setting the sort to date and no folder sort, and standing around mostly buck naked in my (virtual) bedroom, I’ve chopped a lot of stuff out of it and shipped them off to the luminiferous æther. 2 It isn’t just getting rid of landmarks, notecards and calling cards; you need to get in to the muck of boxes you’ve accumulated and go through, throwing out the stuff that you can’t believe you bought and won’t admit to if threatened with cyanide.  And then you should go back through, and give some good hard thought to the stuff you kept in the first round, and decide what you absolutely can’t do without for another year or two.

I feel myself overwhelmed by an inventory of less than 20,000.  Others I’ve talked to in world smile, snort and sneeze at my notions; they stagger around with Inventories of 25,000, 40,000, 60,000 items on their back, most of which never sees the light of day more than once.  Or even never, if they’re like me and have a mess of stuff that they never got around to unpacking and trying on.  That’s what I’m trying to do now, in part.  I suspect that I’ll be able to trim down around 12,000 before the choices start getting painful.

Really, people, you need to take a look at all the shit you’ve picked up over the years you’ve been around.  Do you need to keep 200 gowns, most of which you’ve worn only once?  Or five or ten different living room sets?  Put up for sale or give away what you don’t want to a newbie, refresh your wardrobe to the most recent styles (aside from some classy vintage pieces, such as from Last Call, purchased during the Last Sale in 2008), and, in the words of Monty Python, “Get on with it!”  You’ll find you move around a lot lighter, too, I bet, when the servers don’t need to keep up with all that stuff; and the asset computers will thank you, too!


1 That’s exclusive of Library items, which I’ve suppressed through Debug settings.

2 Remember “luminiferous æther” from your old science classes? That’s the medium everyone though light was propagated through back in the long ago 19th Century. You may still hear them referring to the æther in some of the steampunk sims, to keep in character with the role play; and anyone who has played the Eighties RPG Space:  1889 “knows” that the æther is an essential principle in the movement of ships through space to the various Terran colonies on Mercury, Mars and Venus.  Back in the Real World, some still refer to software that mysteriously disappears as “etherware.”  (“Ethernet” is also a registered trademark for a line of software used in controlling ethernet networks, but I think the difference is obvious.)

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