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2012 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest Announced — Updated February 3

Me pausing for a moment at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium in Casablanca Boulevard, home of this year's Miss Virtual World Pageant. You cannot really tell the scale of this theater from this photo, as it is seriously large, with a quite large backstage as well.

The announcements of nominees came out this morning for the 84th Academy Awards.  My preferences, just to let you know, are no preferences; I haven’t seen a one of these, not even the Best Picture category, which is nine films long this year.  So why am I talking about the Oscars?  Because it’s time for the the 2012 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest at Around the Grid!

The contest groups will open for submissions once this article is published, and the prize pool is in escrow (so to speak).  Time to talk to your stylists, find your hairdresser and book a time, call in favors at the jewelry stores, and decide what you would wear if you became a nominee for the little gold man.  For those considered outstanding in their evening couture and artistic portrayal, there shall be (15 minutes) of fame, (a tiny bit of) fortune (for Second Life Residents only), and hopefully fun in playing the game.

The rules follow the break —

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