2012 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 1

With about a week and a half gone out of the month before the RL Academy Awards are handed out, I have 18 entries on Flickr, and only three on Koinup.  And most of these were hand-invited.  If you know anyone who enjoys evening gowns and would be interested in entering my Oscar Fashion Photo Contest, please let them know about it.  Even better, if you write or publish a blog, please link back here to my announcement article, so that your readers can find the rules and consider entering.  Remember, there’s a slice of L$6,500 at stake, as well as the sheer fun and glory of matching your fashion chops against some of the fiercest fashionistas ever hatched in RL (grin).

Incidentally, vintage fashion is quite acceptable, and I’ll amend the rules to reflect this.  Keep in mind that Oscar is 84 years old this year.  People were walking the red carpet long before it became so important to fashion critics.  Witness this small retrospective of past Academy Awards ceremonies:

Remember, get your entries in!

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