2012 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 2

Fourteen days to go before entries close on the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest, and the submissions are fantastic so far!  To this writing, I have 33 entries from Second Life Residents, an excellent pool, and one that will make the judging fun — and difficult, I assure you.  We have lots of talented and beautiful women out there, designers and photographers both, and it’s always a pleasure to go over their work in detail when the judging begins.  For those who just want to admire what’s been entered to date, check out the contest groups at Flickr and Koinup.

If you haven’t entered yet, please consider doing so now.  Here are the rules for you to review, at the original announcement.  For old hands, I’ve made one tweak to the rules, but nothing major:  simply to note that vintage fashion dating back to around 1928 is welcome.  Oscar is 84 years old, recall, and a lot of beautiful confections have been worn by a lot of lovely ladies.  The previous update, on Feb. 3, has a mini photo gallery of some of the more interesting looks over the years.  (My favorite is probably the gown worn by Loretta Young in her upset win for The Farmer’s Daughter back in 1948.)

Remember, two weeks to go to get your entries in!  One entry per avatar, please.

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