Connie Arida Does Boho

At least it strikes me this way, with the beret and shoes she’s wearing.  Connie, one of my Grid friends, stopped in tonight to show me a trick she found for building things, and she was wearing this beautiful combo from various designers:

[20:44] Connie Arida: the dress is from Jane
[20:45] Connie Arida: sweater is from shiki but the sculpty sleeves are from another sweater..cant remember who made it
[20:45] Harper Ganesvoort: Okay if I take a picture of that?
[20:46] Connie Arida: hair is latest mesh hair from truth and beret something from sascha’s designs
[20:46] Connie Arida: sure :)
[20:46] Harper Ganesvoort: That’s Sascha???
[20:46] Connie Arida: the beret
[20:46] Harper Ganesvoort: I gotta take a look around. We forget she does other stuff than massive ball gowns.
[20:47] Connie Arida: hehe yes
[20:47] Connie Arida: its pretty old
[20:47] Connie Arida: but sits with the hair quite well

It’s the beret with the new Truth hair that really gives this that kind of Sixties beatnik feel.  Actually, though, Connie has done a photo of this herself, with a few alterations, that looks even better, as good as this one is here.  It’s the boots and the long, Swedish-straight hair that does it here.

Copyright 2012 by Connie Arida

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