2012 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest: And the Winners Are….

I’ve been working on personal stuff during the week, but I managed to get the judging done on Version 3 of the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — which, judging by past performance, is about average.  Thanks to all who entered directly, or accepted group invitations for submission.  The number of entrants was up this year, with 58 from Second Life, and two from other worlds via Koinup.  Since I still don’t have enough to really declare a winner from other worlds, I’ll simply feature both of them at the end of the SL results.

As always, the quality of entries was very good, and judging was difficult.  The talent of composition and photography out there using the tools of Second Life is fantastic!  Everyone did an excellent job, and I hope those who didn’t make the cut this year will consider entering again next year.

Turn the page for the winners and my comments…

First Place, and a L$2,500 prize:

Link Bressig takes this year’s top prize for this very dramatic shot of an entrance down the red carpet between the velvet ropes.  The angle to the photo gives the illusion of the subject as what we see her as, a Goddess of the Screen.  Very effective and spot on in the theme, with an excellent gown that fits right in to real life conventions!

Copyright 2012 by Link Bressig; all rights reserved.

Second Place, and a L$2,000 prize:

Kristen20 Macarthur from Haus of Boobah, who offers this shot.  I’m almost tempted to say this one is “timeless,” but it really crosses several areas of time with its composition:  a gown of modern vintage, an upsweep hairdo of the Sixties, the cigarette holder of the Thirties.

Copyright 2012 by houseofboobah.wordpress.com; all rights reserved.

Third Place, and a L$1,500 prize:

Moxy Macbeth gives us “Behind the Red Curtain.”  Moxy seems to have sneaked backstage at the (formerly) Kodak Theatre to take this picture.  The gown she wears, from AtomicSparkle Skytower, reminds me of some of the chiffon-oriented gowns that are popular, such as the skirts worn by Cameron Diaz this year, or Elizabeth Banks sometime in the past.

Copyright 2012 by Moxy Macbeth; all rights reserved.

Honorable Mentions (L$250 each):

Seiya Perl poses in a simple, elegant Zaara gown; it looks like she’s on a balcony, heading toward her seat in the upper tiers of the auditorium floor.

Copyright 2012 by Seiya Perl; all rights reserved.

While Charolotte Caxton is heading toward one of the parties following the last award, with a most ornamental accessory on her arm!

Copyright 2012 by Charolotte Caxton; all rights reserved.

Stepping back to the 1930s, Holly Beaumont Makes an Entrance in a nice, Deco-inspired gown, in a sepia-toned photo.

Copyright 2012 by Holly Beaumont; all rights reserved.

And finally, Moniq Salamander comes in wearing perhaps the most outré gown of the placers, though not out of the entire class of 2012; note particularly the Angelina Jolie peekaboo leg and the purse.

Copyright 2012 by Monique Salamander; CC BY-NC 2.0 license

Entries from Outside Second Life:

Stephanie Helsein offered this piece from OpenSim, a red gown with subtle gold accents and a hip bow:

Copyright 2012 by Stephanie Helsein; all rights reserved.

And, from The Sims, “zhey” gives us a beautiful piece in midnight blue with a spray of flowers, amid a garden of evening roses.

Copyright 2012 by "zhey"; all rights reserved.

Congratulations again to all of the above.  I hope you’ll keep this in mind next January, when the Oscar nominees are named and the 2013 contest opens!

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