Riviera Medier gives us some suggestions for cleaning out old invisiprim shoes you don’t want to keep any more from your inventory. Many of you probably know of some of these ideas; for me, though, I’ve just stumbled on this, and I’ve been in world for four years now. Take a read and enjoy.

Riviera Chic

Spring is around the corner, and now is a good time to consider doing an invisiprim clean-up of your inventory. With the latest application upgrades, designers and consumers alike have moved from invisiprims to alpha masks and mesh. To those unfamiliar with Invisiprims, they were mostly used in the design of shoes and boots to keep the prim stable and avoid deformities. But with the introduction of alpha masks and mesh, we have seen a significant improvement whereby shoes and boots now have a larger range of movement, the ankle deformities have been corrected and they are AO compatible.

Invisiprims look like this –here above is a sample picture I took;   as you can see, they cause the extended shadows that usually wrap a shoe prim or boot prim. They conflict with the flooring builds and are quite…

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