Welcome to Spirit Gate

I was preparing  logging in yesterday when I noticed one of the Destination Guide items – a place called Spirit Gate, which billed itself as a telehub for locations of a religious or spiritual nature. I’ve long been interested in the spiritual side of Second Life, and so I teleported in to investigate.

Spirit Gate is run by a relative newcomer to Second Life, calling himself GreatHeart.  He tells me that he came onto the Grid looking for “spiritual community,” and found that there was little coordination of how such things were listed for Residents to locate.  He decided to create a sort of clearing house for that purpose, and has been working with another avatar, Mahsoobk Violet, to create such a place.  Mahsoobk is responsible for the build, on a plot of rented land in Sallow region on the Mainland.  Here all faiths are welcome; the “store” contains vendor cards that hand out teleports to various locations that have consented to add their presence to his mission.  While visiting, I found teleports for Jewish locations, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, even Baha’i and Jainism.  Clearly, Residents seek the spiritual even in the virtual world.

GreatHeart reports that over 20 religious groups showed up at his grand opening with interest in participating, and SpiritGate’s addition to the Destination Guide has brought in visitors beyond myself.  He is now working on another location in addition to this, which he calls “SpiritDream.”

You can follow SpiritGate’s activities at their blog.  It’s still early days on that, but may be worth watching for the future.

Posted June 13, 2012 by Harper Ganesvoort in Religion

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