Hair Fair Candid Camera

A few candid shots I’ve taken over the past day or so while wandering Hair Fair 2012. (What, did you think I wasn’t going to do anything on Hair Fair this year? The woman who invented the word “coiffurista” for SL hair mavens? I’m planning on shooting some of the styles I picked up either this or next week — I’m going out of town over the weekend — but for now, this will do.)

No, this lady isn’t in a wall — completely.  You’ll have noticed if you’ve been to the Fair that each region has a fairly common design, with common landing points for incomers.  Also, to aid in moving around, all the architecture is set to phantom.  Chiru walked into a wall from the looks, and then her pilot must have went AFK for a while.

This petite caught my attention as I was walking about.  She was dancing around when she wasn’t flying across the landscape; very pretty.  I wish I could have caught someone walking by to show scale better; I almost did, but I was using the Windows 7 Snipping Tool to capture this, and it wasn’t fast enough.

Finally, this avatar, who was the most sane looking person I ran across during a late-night session last night/this morning.  Nicely dressed in a top and peasant skirt and a pleasure to photograph.  Alternatively, several other women I noticed as I went were in amazing states of déshabillé.  I never got into the Madonna look back in the Eighties, believe it or not; but that may be because I graduated from high school in 1976, and was well into my twenties by the time the Material Girl burst onto the scene.  Any road, ratty stockings and similar stuff has never looked good on me, at least to my more classical sensibilities.  Neither do, to be rude and crude, boobs that are more like a pair of nice ripe watermelons in size.  Stuff like that just looks stupid, and contributes to the lag of the region as well, people.

And then, to add to the wonder of it all, there was the guy who was prancing around in full clothing, looking pretty good…except for the additional (ahem) equipment he insisted on displaying.  I did not shoot a picture of that….

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